the key – What is the key to success?

For the former United Nations Secretary General and Nobel peace prize winner Kofi Annan, his degree in economics was start of his great career. This is the reason for the Kofi Annan Business Schools Foundation. Young, talented students from developing countries, who do not have the possibility of proper education are given the chance to obtain a master’s degree in the European School of Management and Technologie GmbH, ESMT, in Berlin in a fellowship. In 2017, the photographer Romney Müller-Westernhagen made expressive portraits of Kofi Annan and 14 fellows. The exhibition was designed by Ursula Wilms (architect) and Sean St. Lewis (artistic director).

We at format were deeply impressed – by the pictures, by the idea and the people behind the fellowship.

Much better that plano, our modular display system, was chosen for the appropriate staging of the traveling exhibition. The convenient thing about this light-weight system is that it can be set up quickly without any tools an explanation. Or stews. Of course, it can be dismounted as quickly and safely transported to the next place of issue. There, it can quickly be…you know what.

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Photos: © Shane Thomas McMillan

Number of modules: 60 Elements

Weight: 500 kg

Duration of dismount: 3 – 4 hours