system for room

and wall construction

plano is a modular display for room and wall architecture with plenty attributes like counters, showcases and impressive solutions for ceilings. This system is capable for big areas and works for a design height/headroom up to 6 meters.

The concept of our model kit system plano is economical but individual.

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plano is bright purism and combines the aesthetics of even surfaces with the advantages of its modular way of construction. plano allows the planning of harmonious proportioned rooms or exhibition stands.Due to no visible elements of connection, solid walls can be developed in its purity. A small gap in between elements creates charm in its structure. This system is available in a wide variety of different colors with distinction in surfaces and effects.


plano is a system of lightweight construction. Which means it is build up fast and extremely easy as no tools are necessary. Wall elements of 40 mm thickness are simply put together through its connectors, adjustable foots and elements which are height adjustable to compensate surface irregulates. White laminated plastic covers standard elements and available in the following grid dimensions: 235, 475, 710, 950 and 1895 mm. May it be frames, a hat and coat rail or for instance any kind of shelf elements, to add up any equipment within a brick of system is always possible and of easy appliance. Through various options of ceiling design, plano can be amplified. Any kind of superstructure can be used for the implication of corporate names. With the help of transparent fabrics or/and elements of glass you can create a sheltered atmosphere. Different options of doors and cabinets round out multiplicity.



The basic nature of a modular display is usually not its modularity. The real significance about plano is that it is not obvious as such but itself decent and tastefully hidden. (one can’t recognize its character of structure). While smooth surfaces can be usually only put up through a complexity of constructions, with plano they can develop and grow fast in height and wideness. Modules can be easily put together as unity and radiate an overall image of visual serenity and simplicity.


Angular shaped but even. This way of construction is a basic standard.   Without any elaborate auxiliary construction corps and surfaces develop plain and even. If exhibition stand or presentation wall, closed or open room, if room-divider, pedestal, counter, or cabinet: in all its applications plano helps to provide an accentuated modest architecture through its minimalistic appearance. Angularity carried to extremes. plano can even provide special solutions for inclinations.

Undulations with different radii and circles can be easily established through bent wall elements. Walls become radiused or constituted in curved shapes. As a result straight and curved elements can be combined with each other and therefore produce a mixture of clarity and gentle charm via a smooth/affluent form.


The installation is self-explanatory. Metal Connectors are simply plugged into the plastic slots and walls are thereby connected. No tools needed at all. Wall, connector and height adjustable elements build an ensemble which is mostly only needed to fix any situation of construction.