modular shelf and furniture system


nomo is a modular shelf and furniture system, adaptable for all kinds of ranges of application. Filigree but also always expendable. We offer everything from simple container furniture to furnishing whole room- and office areas with our systems. Also, nomo is capable of functioning well as good shelfs for any sort of business.


In the office nomo works perfectly fine as sideboard, shelf or even room divider or everything at once.


In all sorts of business, nomo represents everything modest and thereby accentuates always aesthetical. Thanks to the adaptable concept of nomo, changes in range, adaptions in the zone of commerce and presentation, are economical and fast to reassemble.


Museums and exhibitions use nomo systems as showcase, pedestal or for room division for instance even with lighting.

trade fair

Being on the trade fair, nomo can perform and be optimal used for presentations. Long and thin, high and broad. Just the whatever way you prefer. One of our system’s characteristics is its mostly clear cubic form, that unites all of our products. We are always focusing on combining the maximum of simplicity with optimum function.



nomo is a system working without any visible fittings and the whole technic is just like our other products while being completely hidden. Consisting only out of four kinds of components: bars, connectors, trays and fillings, it is available in silver and black anodized aluminum and discreetly matte supporting surfaces while being elegant in its clear cubic form and its aesthetical overall appearance.