slim wall and presentation system


nano is a slim system to create walls within lightweight construction characterized through its extreme light weight. These 20 mm thin walls appear elegant and are as easy to handle as the plano system. Low in volume of transport, nano is the ideal wall system for small performances.


nano is your perfect companion in case you are looking for being flexible and in need to present yourself spontaneously. No matter what’s going on, whether that be an anniversary, and presentation same day, or any festivity following the day after already or just simply have a mobile blackboard: nano is the solution.


Wherever lightness is needed, nano is what you are looking for. nano is a helpful system in case of exhibitions which require permanent change of locations, company events, display walls, or tiny presentations. In a stylish way, nano systems adapt to its modern and historical environment, and therefore enabled to be even used for sensitive areas which are under preservation order.


Since walls are filigree and light, volume of transport will be minimum and conquer easily difficult passages due to narrowness such as elevators or spiral staircases. Small performances can be easily stored in a regular car or combi-van. Due to the system characteristics, loading and set up can be done by just one person.



Just like with plano the installation is self-explanatory. Connectors made of plastic connect the wall elements. No tools needed. A thin joint arranges the connected elements. Within the surface of a consistent brick of aluminum it is possible to adjust any accessories in an easy way. Walls surfaces are directly printable. As an alternative, you can apply graphic design on the detachable curtains panel or use these provided panel elements.